No Bad Habits

One day, my three college roommates are talking about their bad habits.

This one smokes.

That one binges chicken.

The other one sucks her thumb.

“Not me” I said, with the intention of making irony, “I have no bad habits”.

They discussed this for several minutes and concluded that it was true.  I had no bad habits.

In fact, I did then, and do now, have many bad habits, though perhaps they are not so apparent to the casual observer.  I don’t drink, smoke, or swear.  I under eat and over exercise.  I keep my person and surround clean and tidy.

So come the new year in general, some of the more popular resolutions are not available for me.  And come this new year in particular, one of the less popular resolutions is the clear priority for me.

The thing that really needs to get done is not a pleasant task.  But it needs to get done and pronto.  I need to put my paperwork in its place.  For the, uh, disposition of my fortune, possessions, and body.

Really, it’s a good thing that each of us has the opportunity to write the end of our story in the way we see fit.  And as my landesmen like to say, if not now, when?

© 2012 Jaclyn Schrier. All rights reserved.

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