Childhood Mementos

My mother kept only three mementos of my childhood, all from the very earliest school days.

The first, a Mother’s Day portrait.

It was not difficult to make a good likeness of my mother.  Her hair she colored flaming orange, structured into what we called a “high hairdo”, but was more commonly known as the “beehive”.  Her eyes were green.  Not hazel.  Crayola green.  Technicolor green.  Green green green.

The second, a short essay.

Just a few hand-written sentences about the weekend.  That elementary school paper with two solid lines cut horizontally by a dashed line.  The single page was notable only because it was filled with spelling errors.  My mother always took great pleasure in my failings.

The third, my kindergarten report card.

Mrs. Schupp reported that I played well with others and was an accomplished storyteller, but could not tell my left from my right.  I still can’t.  Just ask anyone who has tried to give me driving directions.  It isn’t pretty.

© 2013 Jaclyn Schrier. All rights reserved.

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