Worst Breakup Ever

Speaking of black-hearted behavior, in this month’s Vogue, singer Katy Perry revealed that actor Russell Brand had subject her to breakup via text message.  Appalling.

Maybe it just seemed like another case of life imitating art.  A decade ago, Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker on Sex and the City, had endured breakup by Post-it note.

But for me, it hit the nerve.  The one that remains perpetually raw.  Actual experts — plural — have said my breakup story takes the cake.  Maybe even the whole bakery.

See, the ex-man had moved out.  One day I get a short email from my friend Hal.  Hal tells me that he had seen the ex-man and the ex-man said that things between us were final.  Over.  Done.  Finished.

I wrote back to Hal.  I thanked him for telling me.  I told him I had not known.

It’s a hard blow to absorb.  An email breakup.  Through a third-party.  Guess I really was the last to know.  I felt so small.  Insignificant.  Of no value.  Whatsoever.

We had spent so many years together, how it could be possible that I did not rate even the most basic sort of decency and respect?  This is what all the humans deserve.  Just for being born.  Just for being alive.

With such a pain, you’d think there’d be a lesson here.  But if there is, I haven’t learned it.

© 2013 Jaclyn Schrier. All rights reserved.

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