Frenemies II

Well, it is now several weeks since the silent conversation with the big girl.  Henceforth, she has been leaving multiple missed calls on my phone every day.  This is two, three, even four times a day.

What she could be thinking, I have no idea.  This maneuvering only serves to ampify my aversion.  Like I need a hole in the head I need this kind of nonsense.

I am warned this is a serious thing.  Repeatedly calling and hanging up is considered harassment by the State of California and it is against the law.

I am forbidden to pick up and I am forbidden to call back.  I am advised to send a “cease and desist” letter or even to petition for a restraining order.

To take a legal action, this is really not my way.  My style, well, maybe I would make a new rap for my voice mail greeting, something like:

Yo, yo, yo.
This is a phone.
Said this is a phone.
So leave me a message.
Or leave me alone.

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