Jury Duty

Three times I have been summoned to jury duty, but still, the closest my tuchas has ever come to a jury box is watching The Good Wife from my living room sofa.

Unlike most people, who seem to view this service as an annoyance, I have always been positively inclined — even eager — to do the civic thing.

Sure, I know the entertainment industry presents a highly glorified version of the judicial system, but still, I find the process interesting and it turns out that I have a knack for solving crime.

Such a knack that whenever we watched a “whodunnit”, during the opening credits — before the action started — the ex-man would always lean over and whisper “Have you figured it out, yet?”

Anyway, as of this afternoon, once again I have been dismissed without making so much as a cameo appearance.  And while my disappointment is sincere, I am happy to see my obligation reach its conclusion.

See, members of the pool are expected to present themselves at the courthouse with only one hour’s notice.

With so little warning — and so much traffic — you’d think they would make communication as efficient as possible, say, by sending you a text when your number is called.  But, no, this is not the way it works.

The county has a web site you must check for instructions.  This site does not work properly on phones and tablets, so you must remain tethered to your desktop or laptop all week, constantly refreshing the page, like it was 1997 and you were expecting an important email.

My patience, along with my clicking finger, is thoroughly exhausted!

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