Lingkt In

So, by Linked In, they have a button with the hands shaking.  Not the way my hands shake with the dishes dropping on the floor.  The way hands shake when people make the meet and greet.

Now, I’m more of a hugger than a shaker, but when I do the handshake, say, with a business acquaintance, the other person invariably remarks “cold hands”, to which I always respond, “warm heart”.

Another thing about the handshaking.  In graduate school, one of the professors shook each of the girls’ hands.  He said nothing makes a weak impression like a weak handshake.  All the other girls, he told to tighten the grip.  Me, he warned not to break anybody’s metacarpals.

In my experience, however, it is men who are far more likely to give the wimpy shake.  Especially doctors.  They have no problem to prod and to poke all over your private parts, but your hand they touch like it’s a cesspool of germs.  Oh wait.  It is.

Anyway, with the Linked In, you would click the “hands” button if you should want to see “People You May Know”.  I wanted to see people I may know.  So I clicked.

Here is a sampling of the names…

Levy.  Levin.  Levine.  Levinger.
Katz.  Katzen.  Katzman.  Katzenberg.
Goldman.  Goldfarb.  Goldberg.  Goldstein.

Notice there seems to be a trend…

Edelman.  Ackerman.  Friedman.  Fleischman.
Goodman.  Adleman.  Perelman.  Kaufman.
Shulman.  Keleman.  Feldman.  Silverman.

Please, I am not making this up…

Bernstein.  Weinstein.  Rubinstein.  Finkelstein.
Rosenbaum.  Rosenstein.  Rosenblum.  Rosenfeld.
Aronowitz.  Berkowitz.  Horowitz.  Rabinowitz.
Steinberg.  Fineberg.  Ginsburg.  Koenigsberg.

Still, the list is going on and on…

Cohen!  Wexelblat!  Shimelfarb!  Teitelbaum!
Siegel!  Perlmutter!  Klein!  Hirsch!
Frankel!  Kaplan!  Shapiro!  Schwartz!

OK, it’s a small community, but really, we don’t all know each other!

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