My Favorite Words

Upon returning from home to college following a break — summer, winter, spring, I don’t remember — friends started asking me if I had seen the new movie called An Officer and A Gentleman.

Note. This blog, all of it, is based on a true story.  I remind you this, because of all the things I would ever write, this account is the most unbelievable.  It is so inconceivable that I have never told anyone.  But I promise you, it really happened.

OK, I tell the friends no, that I had not seen the film.  And then they tell me, one after the other, I look like the girl who stars in the picture.

So, I went on the web to see some photographs of this mystery starlet.  Except I didn’t.  We didn’t have the internet when I was in college.

Instead, I went to the video store to rent a cassette starring this actress.  No, I didn’t do that either.  We didn’t even have a VCR back then.

Although the comparisons continued, I didn’t give it much thought and it was quite some time before I saw a picture of the woman in question, Debra Winger.

Now, I want to make quite clear that I have never, ever, not even a little bit, noticed any kind of resemblance between me and Debra Winger.  And I assure you, I have looked.  And looked.  And looked some more.

Truly, besides a few surface similarities — long, dark, wavy hair; gray-blue eyes; too large, but not quite Semitic nose — I just don’t see it.  I have never seen it.

At this point, I am tempted to launch into a self-deprecating song-and-dance about my appearance, but let’s just suffice it to say that she is Debra Winger and I am not.

Anyway, it would happen over the years, not too often, from time to time, upon meeting someone new; a hair stylist, a friend of a friend, a client.  The magic words: “Has anyone ever told you you look like Debra Winger?”

But it’s been a long time and I had pretty much forgotten all about it.  Then today, while waiting on the checkout line by the Whole Foods, a lady said it to me, out of the blue.

“Has anyone ever told you you look like Debra Winger?”

Everyone has some special words that lift their spirit.  For example, my favorite three words?  Easy to guess.  What woman doesn’t love to hear, “You’ve lost weight!”?  It just never gets old.

And my favorite ten words?  Well, now you know.

© 2016 Jaclyn Schrier. All rights reserved.

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