Helly Kitty

I don’t really care for cats.  Except for the Stray Cats.  But I do care to be a good host.  So when the neighbor’s cat “Kitty” followed me inside the house one day, I offered her skim milk and tuna fish.

She seemed to enjoy her snack.  At least she kept walking by me, brushing her sides against my leg and purring.  After a while she left and I got back to work.

The next afternoon, I heard meowing and scratching by the stoop.  I opened the door to find Kitty had returned.  She invited herself in and scurried to the kitchen.  So I gave her milk and tuna.  Again she did the brushing and purring thing.

And the next afternoon, the same thing happened once more.  I didn’t really mind.  The ex-man was away on business and it was nice to have some company.  I made a special trip to buy more tuna.  We already had plenty of milk.

But the next day, the ex-man comes home.  Within moments he is wheezing, coughing, and sneezing.  See, he is a highly allergic man…

Him to me:  It’s like there’s been a cat in here!

Me to him:  Kitty’s been visiting.

Him to me:  You let a cat in the house?

Me to him:  She comes over for lunch.

Him to me:  You feed her?

Me to him:  Just skim milk and tuna fish.  She likes it.

Needless to say, Kitty would not be invited to dine any time soon.  When I heard her outside the front door the next day, I had to be strong and ignore the scratching and meowing.  Kind of like sleep training a baby.  It was heartbreaking.  And I don’t even like cats.

© 2013 Jaclyn Schrier. All rights reserved.

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